1. General

1.1 The platform digitaiz.li is provided by Digitaiz GmbH from Schaan, Liechtenstein. These General Terms and Conditions ("Conditions”) Apply exclusively and for all transactions, contracts and business relationships with Digitaiz GmbH (“ Digitaiz ”). In particular, they apply to transactions and business relationships that are carried out on the Digitaiz online or electronic platform (https://digitaiz.li).

1.2 Digitaiz does not accept any other conditions (general terms and conditions or other terms and conditions) of its customers, contractual partners or other business partners. Digitaiz thus excludes any implicit acceptance of terms and conditions of other parties for any business, contract or business relationship from and with Digitaiz. 

1.3 Digitaiz enters into a business relationship only with fully capable persons and concludes only with these contracts. Persons present under these Conditions entering into a business relationship with Digitaiz and concluding contracts expressly confirm their full legal capacity.

1.4 A digitaiz customer accepts and confirms with each transaction according to these Conditionsthat he is the Conditions accepted in the current version.

1.5 Should one or more provisions of this Conditions be in whole or in part ineffective, void or unenforceable, the validity, enforceability and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this Conditions not affected. In particular, the main duties of the parties remain in accordance with these Conditions unaffected. An ineffective, void or unenforceable provision of this Conditions is - to the extent permitted by law - replaced by such a legally valid, valid and enforceable provision, which comes next to her after the legally and economically pursued purpose. 

1.6 Changes and additions to this Conditions, including this clause, may be made by Digitaiz at any time. The new Conditions are published on the website of Digitaiz "digitaiz.li" and the customers are informed about changes of the Conditions informed by e-mail. The changes are valid as soon as the customer receives the Conditions accepted online; if the customer does not agree to the change, he has the right to terminate the contract with Digitaiz with a notice period of one month from the corresponding declaration. 

1.7 The Conditions govern exclusively the relationship between digital customer and digitality. They replace all previous statements or agreements. Digitaiz accepts the terms and conditions (Conditions) from Digitaiz customers not. These Conditions from Digitaiz customers are not applicable to the relationship between Digitaiz customers and Digitaiz. 

1.8 Failure by Digitaiz at any time a right or remedy in accordance with the Conditions enforcing or exercising does not constitute a waiver. It does not prevent Digitaiz from later enforcing or exercising such a right or remedy. A valid waiver of such rights and remedies is expressly made in writing. 

1.9 Digitaiz and Digitaiz customers agree to use German or English for their communication. 

2 digitaiz customer

2.1 People who want to enter into a business relationship with Digitaiz must register on the Digitaiz platform (digitaiz.li) by providing Digitaiz with the following valid and truthful information and documents: 

• User name 

• E-mail address

• Password 

• Name first Name 

• Address 

• Postcode 

• Place 

• Country of domicile 

• nationality 

• Confirmation of residence 

ID Front / ID Back or passport 

• Selfie with ID Front or passport 

2.2 For amounts from 5000 CHF is to perform a video match for the successful registration. Digitaiz lets this video match from the Intrum Justitia AG, Eschenstr. 12, 8603 Schwerzenbach. A person who has successfully completed the registration process (KYC process) is called a "digitaiz customer". The video match serves to verify or verify the identity of the user. Except the Digitaiz GmbH and the Intrum Justitia AG no other persons have access to this data or can process this video data in any way. 

2.3 To use the Digitaiz platform, a Digitaiz customer must verify his account. The verification process and the verification requirements depend primarily on the current laws and frameworks for security requirements. These include in particular AML considerations. These requirements may change at any time as the legal framework changes. 

2.4 Each Digitaiz customer undertakes to keep his password details safe, to keep them for himself, to act only for himself and to open the account on Digitaiz only for himself. It is forbidden to give a third party access to the Digitaiz account. 

2.5 Depending on the local legal framework, Digitaiz can exclude people from Digitaiz services in different countries. Currently, people who are US citizens or resident in the United States or who have a green card issued by a US agency are not allowed to become Digitaiz customers for regulatory reasons. 

2.6 A Digitaiz customer must ensure the timely execution of contracts and refrain from any activities that could frustrate or endanger such timely execution. 

2.7 A Digitaiz customer must update changes in his contact details (name, postal address and e-mail address) immediately via the Digitaiz platform or by registered letter to Digitaiz. Every Digitaiz customer is aware and accepts that Digitaiz always uses the last announced e-mail address and the last known mailing address and that every message delivered to this e-mail or postal address is considered lawfully delivered. 

2.8 To verify and establish identity, Digitaiz requires certain information from people who intend to become a Digitaiz customer (see Art. 2.1). Every Digitaiz customer is aware of this and hereby accepts that Digitaiz can decide at its own discretion when a Digitaiz customer must deliver copies of passports and other documents required by law or in the data protection regulations. If the Digitaiz customer is a legal person, copies of company register extracts (or comparable documents) and other documents required by law can be requested. 

3 Exchange

3.1 Digitaiz offers a platform for buying, selling and storing blockchain-based information units, so-called tokens. The range of tokens that are traded on the Digitaiz platform (digitaiz.li) can be changed by Digitaiz at any time and at its own discretion. 

3.2 Purchase and sale by Digitaiz take place exclusively in the following manner. Deviations from this process must be agreed in writing: 

• The customer registers on the Digitaiz platform (wwwcryptoz.li), gives his personal details and uploads ID or pass up. 

• The customer selects a package with cryptocurrencies and orders it. 

• Digitaiz checks the registration. The customer is approved if the check is successful. 

• The customer receives the bank details by email. Payment is made by transfer to the Digitaiz bank account in Liechtenstein. 

• The crypto currency desired by the customer is bought and then stored securely in a wallet. 

• The wallet is sent to the customer via secure online delivery. 

• The customer prints out or saves the wallet and keeps it in a safe place. 

3.3 Digitaiz publications on the Digitaiz platform such as prices, numbers, numbers or other relevant information (via websites or in any other way) are in no case offers, binding offers or guarantees for an exchange / purchase / sale, but always only to be understood as invitations to Digitaiz customers to submit an offer. 

3.4 Delays in processing offers on the Digitaiz platform can occur due to unforeseeable technical faults. Digitaiz therefore does not guarantee that the offer will be processed immediately, nor is there any liability associated with Digitaiz, in particular with regard to price changes, ratings or other conditions relating to the tokens or services offered. 

3.5 Digitaiz customers are aware that there can be considerable delays when sending tokens to the respective wallet. Digitaiz is not liable for any damage suffered by Digitaiz customers from such delays. 

3.6 Digitaiz offers the creation of a so-called paper wallet on its platform. The tokens purchased by the customer are secured in this wallet. Immediately after the token has been purchased by Cryptoz and secured in a paper wallet, the customer's access data to his wallet is made available via Securesafe. The customer is aware that after receiving the access data, he has seven days to download or print out his paper wallet. The customer is also aware that Cryptoz has the right to delete the wallet after seven days. The rights of use and the risk of loss lie solely with the customer as soon as he has received the access data via Securesafe.

3.7 In cooperation with an external partner, Digitaiz alternatively offers the option of selecting storage via hardware wallet in order to secure the tokens purchased by the customer. The rights of use and the risk of loss also rest with the customer as soon as he has received the access data via Securesafe. 

4 digitaiz customer account

4.1 Pro Digitaiz customer is allowed only one account. Creating multiple accounts is strictly prohibited. If another account is created next to the first account of the Digitaiz customer, Digitaiz has the right to block this and keep it locked. In such a case, Digitaiz is entitled to an administration fee of EUR 100.00 to be charged. 

4.2 Digitaiz is entitled in the following cases to block, block or close a Digitaiz customer account immediately and without further notification to the Digitaiz customer. This includes blocking, reversing, suspending transactions or withdrawing from the order: 

4.2.1 When Digitaiz becomes aware of any official investigation into a Digital Client for fraud, terrorist financing, money laundering, tax fraud or any other violation of any applicable law in any jurisdiction. 

4.2.2 if a customer digits his obligations according to Conditions hurt. 

4.2.3 if a Digitaiz customer has violated the rules or regulations of a payment service provider or financial institution. 

4.2.4 if a Digitaiz customer has opened more than one customer account on Digitaiz. 

4.2.5 if a Digitaiz customer violates the rule of sole use of a payment service account or has used a third party bank account, credit card, etc. 

4.2.6 if a Digitaiz customer has used an account without a legal right to use this account. 

4.2.7 if a Digitaiz customer gives false information about his identity via his Digitaiz account or his account with a payment service provider. 

4.2.8 a digitaiz customer substantially against the payment rules according to Conditions violated and thereby caused considerable expenses.

5 prices, payment & transfer conditions

5.1 After the transfer and receipt of payment on the Digitaiz account, the tokens are purchased at the best possible rate on one of the common trading platforms for tokens. The trade will be carried out as soon as possible. 

5.2 The final price of the tokens consists of the following components: 

- amount offered in EUR

- trading fees,

- Fee for incoming or outgoing payments, 

- service fees such as wallet fee (optional),

- Final price (= sum of the above). 

5.3 Payments with legal tender from the customer to Digitaiz and from Digitaiz to the customer are transmitted by the respective payment service provider of the customer or by Digitaiz and not by Digitaiz itself. 

5.4 The transfer of tokens is carried out by Digitaiz within the Digitaiz system. 

5.5 Final payments or services must be paid for by the Digitaiz customer immediately after the binding order. 

5.6 Digitaiz has the right to change accepted payment methods in its sole discretion. 

5.7 Digitaiz In the course of the payment processes, customers must fully comply with the data disclosure requirements, in particular when paying by SEPA. If a Digitaiz customer does not meet these disclosure obligations, Digitaiz cannot match the payment with the corresponding Digitaiz customer account. As a result, Digitaiz has to start a manual tracking process, for which Digitaiz charges the Digitaiz customer a processing fee. 

5.8 A completed transaction cannot be reversed as soon as the transaction appears in a blockchain network / network outside the Digitaiz system. Each Digitaiz customer confirms and accepts that Digitaiz cannot stop the process from this point on. Furthermore, Digitaiz has no influence on whether the Digitaiz customer has access to the transferred tokens and the most recently announced wallet address or not. 

5.9 When the token is transferred from the Digitaiz system to the customer's wallet, the risk, in particular the risk of expiry and loss, is transferred to the Digitaiz customer.

6 right of withdrawal

Each Digitaiz customer acknowledges that in accordance with Art. 19 para. 1 let. l of the Distance and Transactions Act (FAGG) has no right to do so, in accordance with Art. 12 (1) FAGG to withdraw from the contract. This enables Digitaiz to deliver blockchain-based digital information units (tokens) before the revocation right expires. Digitaiz transmits to the respective Digitaiz customers immediately after conclusion of the contract CCOFA) a confirmation of the concluded contract according to Art. 6 para. 2 FAGG

7 Privacy

Digitaiz complies with the data protection regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation (as part of the agreed service provision).GDPR), also basic data protection regulation (DSGVO) called. In accordance with Article 13 DSGVO Digitaiz informs the customer that the data provided in accordance with Art KYC/ AML process on the basis of the Liechtenstein Due Diligence Act and the Liechtenstein Due Diligence Ordinance. The data will be stored in accordance with the Liechtenstein Due Diligence Act and the Liechtenstein Due Diligence Ordinance and will not be used for any other purposes, if included in the Conditions not expressly stated otherwise. On provisions, which the processing of personal data of the customers by third (by receipt by Digitaiz as well as processing to the in the appropriate regulations of the Conditions stated purposes and modalities) is expressly referred to; see Articles 2.2 and 10. The customer has the right to receive information about his processed data. This information includes the processing purposes, the categories of personal data, the categories of recipients and the planned storage period. The customer also has the right to correction, deletion, restriction of data processing and data transfer under the conditions of the corresponding provisions in the DSGVO and taking into account the limitations of these rights under the DSGVO and the Liechtenstein Data Protection Act. If the customer is of the opinion that the processing of his personal data is not compatible with the applicable data protection regulations, he has the right to lodge a complaint with the Liechtenstein data protection office. 

8 money laundering

Sanctions lists, watch lists and blacklists keep data of natural and legal persons with a potential money laundering risk. For PEPs, ie politically exposed persons, increased due diligence requirements apply. Digitaiz therefore checks as part of the registration process (KYC Process), whether new or existing customers PEP- or sanction lists. Digitaiz customers are aware of this and you agree to it.

9 risks

The Blockchaintechnologie is a very new technology and therefore associated with various risks. We therefore ask every customer with the risk list to get acquainted with Cryptoz.

10 liability

10.1 Digitaiz is only liable to companies, customers or other persons for intentionally caused direct and foreseeable damage if they were caused negligently by Digitaiz. 

10.2 Digitaiz is in no way liable for indirect damage, consequential damage, in particular not for software damage to others, lost profit, pure property damage to Digitaiz customers or damage to third parties. 

10.3 Digitaiz is in particular not liable for damage caused by interruptions in the Digitaiz system, which are necessary for maintenance work or to avoid network disruptions 

• Are and / or are caused by unavoidable events that are beyond the control of Digitaiz 

• (e.g. disruption of the energy network; regulatory involvement or on-site visits; strikes, unrest, environmental damage such as earthquakes, storms, etc .; wars or national or international 

• Armed and armed conflicts; international or national sanctions against certain products, services, persons, countries; legal restrictions on blockchain-based digital 

• Information units at any time and anywhere in the world; Network disruptions, computer failures or the criminal machinations of third parties. 

10.4 Digitaiz does not guarantee that the security certificates displayed on the Digitaiz platform (digitaiz.li) are completely secure. 

10.5 Digitaiz is not liable for the loss of customer data that is outside the reach of Digitaiz. A Digitaiz customer will be informed immediately about a loss of data. 

10.6 Digitaiz is not liable for damage or loss of data that occurs when storing customer data (such as private keys) in a hardware wallet. 

10.7 In addition, Digitaiz is not liable for: 

- the stored tokens of Digitaiz customers in hot and / or cold wallets, 

- the information from Digitaiz customers about their private keys for transactions in or from the Digitaiz system, 

- transactions in or out of the Digitaiz system, 

- Digitaiz customers or third parties who use third party websites and services (e.g. third party wallets) 

- Login data of a user (Digitaiz customer login data). 

10.8 When using websites or services that are not provided by Digitaiz, such as wallet services or other third-party services, Digitaiz expressly rejects any liability for these third-party services and is not responsible for them. Every Digitaiz customer uses these services entirely at his own risk. Funds sent to such third parties cannot be returned if those parties are unwilling to do so. Digitaiz cannot and will not check the reliability of such third party providers. Digitaiz is not obliged to contact such third parties or to solve problems with such third parties.

10.9 Digitaiz manages its platform and its stored systems with the necessary care. Even so, interruptions, errors, and other problems can occur. Digitaiz assumes no obligation and no liability for damage caused by interruptions in the Digitaiz system, as such interruptions are inherent in an experimental technology area. 

10.10 Every Digitaiz customer is aware that technology-based systems such as the Digitaiz system require maintenance and development work and that planned and unplanned service interruptions are necessary for such work. Digitaiz assumes no liability for damage caused by such system interruptions. 

11 Outsourcing of services 

Digitaiz expressly reserves the right to outsource services previously provided by a company to external contractors or service providers in Germany and abroad. Digitaiz is therefore entitled to outsource business areas (e.g. information technology, maintenance and operation of IT systems, printing and sending documents, data archiving) in whole or in part without the customer's written consent. Digitaiz is also entitled to have services performed by selected contractual partners and to disclose the customer data required for this. Digitaiz has taken suitable technical and organizational measures to ensure the confidentiality of customer data in accordance with Liechtenstein law. 

12 Jurisdiction and choice of law

All claims arising out of or in connection with these Conditions , including but not limited to performance, infringement, termination, invalidity or supplementation, as well as pre-contractual and post-contractual obligations, shall be determined exclusively by the competent court of Liechtenstein. In the course of this, the applicability of Liechtenstein law applies.